Management and agency

The role of yacht management is to support the operations of the yacht and to make yacht ownership as exciting and pleasurable as possible.

Mare di Lusso’s yacht management services include:

1. Yacht Administration 

Financial management – budget and expenditures
Tax and legal requirements
Boat registration & certification
Insurance coverage
Adherence to all necessary regulatory bodies
Marinas & dockage service
Monitoring & security

2. Yacht Maintenance 

Boat cleaning – interior & exterior
Boat detailing – wax & treat
Parts procurement & delivery
Regular light maintenance (filters, bulbs, tanks, etc.)
Engine maintenance and repair
Equipment maintenance and repair

3. Yacht Crew 

Recruitment, reference, & certification
Contracts, payroll, & insurance
Management & communication
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4. Yacht Charter Management

Boat owners can choose to leave their boat in Greece/UAE with or without the option of chartering and are presented with the opportunity to make money with their boat, while having the vessel professionally maintained.

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